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Star 100 is a Ghana-focused diaspora network, based in London. It was founded in the UK in June 2004 with the aim of connecting 100 likeminded professionals - hence the name.

Today we have some 900 registered members.

Our members cover a wide range of professions from Finance, Management Consultancy, Law, Media and Entertainment to Technology, Civil Engineering and Social Work.

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Network paused

The backbone of the group is our in-person networking meet-ups which take place in London. We have had over 150.

Our last in-person meet-up took place in February 2020, just before the UK went into its first lockdown. We then moved to online meet-ups for the rest of the year.

The pandemic changed a lot in the world and the lives of the Star 100 Coordinating Team. The network is currently paused, whilst we consider the way forward.

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If you have an idea for the future shape of Star 100 and would like to help drive it forward, we'd love to hear from you.

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