Matthew Boadu Adjei, CEO,Whitewall Properties

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Matthew Boadu Adjei is the founder and CEO of Whitewall Properties.

He has eleven years’ experience in the private equity and growth capital industries. He leads the team on strategy, negotiations, fund raising, investor relations and support. Until the establishment of Oasis Capital Ghana, Matthew was the country general manager and a board member of GroFin Ghana. Prior to that, he worked with Fidelity Capital Partners.

He currently serves on the boards of a number of institutions including Chase Petroleum Ghana and Goldkey Properties. He is also the chairman of Asterix Brokers, an insurance brokerage firm he founded in 2007 that provides services to SMEs in Ghana.

Matthew holds a BSc. in Banking and Finance from the University of Ghana and an MBA from the Leicester Business School, De Montfort University, UK.

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